A Sincere Call to Action for Those Who Know What Imam Mohammed Desired for This Community’s True Direction [UPDATED w/ attachments]


* NOVEMBER 10, 2012*


When one turns on his computer and witness’ the endless stream of emails, tweets, face book postings, blog talk programs, newspaper celebrations all declaring their unflinching total commitment and allegiance to Imam W. D. Mohammed one would think that everything is alright with the community that Imam Mohammed by the guidance of Allah built, instructed and guided for over 33 years. However, upon closer examination it becomes crystal clear that nothing could be further from the truth.

So, why or how is this type of contradicting report being prolifically circulated throughout the community? I can only conjecture that the “leadership is inundated with weak cowardice people who are afraid to stand up and insist on those who have assumed leadership, follow and stick to the honorable and authentic Qur’anic based programs and principles given to us to emulate and follow by our wonderful leader, Imam W. D. Mohammed.”

Ironically, I have talked to many of the so-called stars of this community, those who are invited week after week around the country to speak and “guide” the believers and only a few of them have had the courage to chart a courageous course toward responsible leadership. Entertainment is not guidance, entertainment is self aggrandizing and does little if anything for the fulfillment of the goals that Imam Mohammed put forward for this community.

So what do I mean by charting a courageous course towards responsible leadership? Responsible leadership demands first and foremost that our direction and goals be based on what Imam Mohammed assigned us as a first priority goal. So we are obligated before having lofty conventions, and one hundred dollar a plate dinners to ask one basic and fundamental question and that question is “what was Imam W. D. Mohammed attempting to achieve while he was physically with us? “ What was his direction that he was moving towards and how do we recognize, honor and follow those goals?

It is widely known by those persons on Imam Mohammed’s staff that he had announced to his staff that he was no longer going to maintain the “The Mosque Cares function as it was presently functioning” In fact he announced that that terminology was there only as a reminder to other Muslim Communities that “The Mosque should care” and that it was merely an expression for The Ministry of W. D. Mohammed which itself would no longer exist as such. Imam Mohammed not only was moving away from the use of that terminology he was reconsidering the existence of CPC and his Ministry and had come to some serious decisions on their future in this community as we know them.

Now for anyone to step into or attempt to walk in the shoes of Imam Mohammed believing that this is a glory ride while only looking to the glitter and honor of the fruits of his many years of tireless and dedicated work to the exclusion of the responsibility that is demanded to achieve such recognition, they have made a grave mistake. From the office of “The Mosque Cares, Imam Mohammed recognized and accepted the responsibility of giving financial aid and assistance to many diverse and needy programs outside of the Muslim Community as well as all existing programs and situations within the Muslim Community that he had launched or needed his assistance throughout this community. Though he never co-mingled the funds and resources of these various programs, he, when a crisis would arise, would allow those needy programs to get a short term loan of sort to buffer up a waning situation. So as to keep all programs healthy and vibrant. What I am saying is that Imam Mohammed did not just take the lucrative money raising programs under his charge to the neglect of those programs that needed a little infusion of cash to maintain themselves viable.

So with this in mind how can it be that the Mosque Cares has sponsored for the last 4 years program after program that brings in an infusion of cash and yet we see the CPC investors who supported and backed Imam Mohammed left out in the cold as if they are a bunch of unwise and unwelcome aliens who have to now go for self and chalk their trust and financial sacrifice for this community up to a “dumb mistake” while Wallace II licks the cream off of the top of all of the remnants of programs that Imam Mohammed and those that trusted in him pioneered at their personal expense. How can any person who aspires to lead now feel no responsibility towards those who stepped forward when Imam Mohammed needed some bold and courageous supporters to trust him, how can any responsible custodian now turn his back on them while picking up the surviving parts of those programs that they sacrificed to get started and profiteer from them for personal self gain while issuing no reports or showing the least bit of transparency so that the members of this community can even see what has or has not been achieved?

If nothing else tells you why Imam Mohammed saw a need to eliminate the Mosque Cares program, this information should and if nothing tells you why WALLACE II WILL NOT TELL YOU THAT IMAM MOHAMMED WAS CLOSING OUT THE MOSQUE CARES THIS INFORMATION SHOULD ALLOW YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT. Wallace II realizes that his only way of controlling and lording over this community is to keep the Mosques Cares as a legitimate throne for him to sit upon. So it would take a bold and honest person to tell you what the Imam had already discussed with his staff to begin doing in closing out the Mosque cares. So by his actions, it is clear that Wallace II is not willing or capable of being a fair and honest custodian (whether legitimate or not). This in his eyes is tantamount to pulling the rug out from under his false and un-ratified leadership and he is not willing to sacrifice his cash cow for truth. Remember his father, Imam Mohammed, never said that Wallace II was a strong Believer or good Muslim, no, he said that about his youngest son, Mohammed Shakir Mohammed, he personally reared him and said that “little Mohammed” was a kind, gentle and fair minded child. What he said about his son Wallace II was that he was a good business man and was doing a wonderful JOB IN BUSINESS. However, the role that he assumes for himself demands both. And if one is not willing to fulfill that serious mandate requirement why take it upon yourself to the detriment of millions of people?

Certainly we know and Wallace knows that this program, “The Mosque Cares” had run its course and Imam Mohammed met with his staff and informed them that he was not any longer going to have “any organizations except my own office”. He said “I’m letting the CPC dissolve to protect its financial future and I’m letting the Ministry dissolve to get rid of the headache…” The Imam went on to say, “I met with the staff I have at WDM Ministry to put that to them…” So why won’t those persons on the Imam’s staff who were present when he came to them and informed them of this, why won’t they come forward and speak out? This is a very sad day when we can celebrate the victory of our greater democracy in America while failing to even attempt to stand up for the same ideals and principles that Imam Mohammed taught us that we must stand up for within our own community. All of the rhetoric about being with Imam Mohammed is not worth a hill of beans if we don’t have the courage to “Speak a word directed to the Truth” whether it troubles a friend or foe.

Now is this what our sleepy newspaper and counterfeit leadership is telling us? Is this what you, the financial backbone of this community, is this what you are being informed of? NO! Emphatically, No! Why not? Because if they told you, the rank and file members of the community, the true direction that Imam Mohammed was moving this community in you would no longer pour your hard earned money into the coffers of the artificial leadership that pretends to be leading this community today. If those trusted and informed members of Imam Mohammed’s staff would have told you ( and still have time to tell you) what they personally heard and witnessed coming from the mouth of Imam Mohammed, you would see that the Mosque cares is not something that Imam Mohammed wanted to continue and certainly not as a piggy bank for dictatorship, secret intrigues and the exploitation of this community and it’s unsuspecting members.

Now many of my critics say, “Siddeeq is against the Journal or Siddeeq just wants to be the leader etc. etc” But no, Siddeeq, in the closing years of his life would like to see this community that he has lived for and sacrificed for since being a teenager, has but one desire and that is that responsible people will step up to the plate and do responsible service for the future and success of our children and this community that we are going to leave them to lead. How can they assume a direction for this community if the only news they get about this community is social and feel good information? So you don’t get the actual facts on the community nor the reports from the Chancery Court and the Probate court that will allow you to know that Wallace II is busy, under the guise of loving his daddy and this community, secretly trying to achieve a financial monopoly for himself over the use of any and all of the Intellectual properties, (tapes, videos, poetry, pictures, writings, etc) of Imam Mohammed. What you get is entertainment and feel good news from the Journal and an appeal to “be Grateful” (with your money) while behind the scene those that you are sending your hard earned money to are taking and using that money to hire lawyers and legal minds to work on their behalf to secure a big financial future for themselves and their families, a future that will alienate and exclude your children and my children from using a tape, a picture, an article or poem written by Imam Mohammed or naming a Masjid or Islamic Center after him or having a program honoring him without first getting permission from Wallace or the members of his family and only after paying a fee to them. Is this what you want for your children, the future of this community and the very people that are unknowingly supporting and financing this effort.? Is this what Imam Mohammed demanded when he was physically present among us? Making his mission from Almighty G-d Allah a money making Business man’s scheme for Wallace II and his immediate family exclusively?

Since the Journal won’t tell you this and they will not print my articles, allow me to inform you of some of the “unsavory drama” that the BUSINESS MAN Wallace II is up to behind the scenes and in the dark while you send him your hard earned money to pay his lawyers to continue to work on destroying the principles and foundation of the community that Imam Mohammed sacrificed his life to build under the guidance of Allah. And before you charge me with fabricating this information, just email me and I will email you the actual court documents for you to see the accuracy of what I am reporting for yourself or if enough of you are interested, I will publish this information on

Allow me to share with you a snippet of what the Muslim Journal is afraid to print and what the traveling “Minstrel Imam Show” refuses to address as they travel around the country entertaining (hypnotizing) you. All of this is because they don’t want you to be informed, or they themselves are not informed and are too proud to reach out to learn from those who are informed, yet they want you to be “grateful” ( with your money of course) or more clearly put, they want you to remain blind as they are, while they protect the sacred goose (Wallace’s fraudulent leadership) that lays their golden egg and gives them a quick trip to artificial heaven.

Now on front street Wallace II pretends to love his father and respect his father while he is busy selling everything that he can get his hands on with his fathers picture or image. He (unlawfully and illegally against the courts order) promotes one program after another using his fathers image and likeness to keep all of his bills paid (with money that belongs to Imam Mohammed’s heirs and should not be spent until the probate case has been legally resolved and definitely not by Wallace II exclusively) and you, the naive, innocent, uninformed supporter of his believe that is the total reality of your leader Wallace II. Here is the Wallace that the Journal and his lock step Imams don’t want you to know or see in his effort to convince the courts of the lie that every thing that his father ever produced is his exclusively, his tapes, his pictures, his poetry, his video’s his taleem’s, his intellectual properties and not anybody else’s…this is what he is willing to SUE HIS MOTHER, HIS SISTERS, HIS BROTHER, HIS DECEASED BROTHER’S CHILDREN AND IMAM MOHAMMED’S WIFE FOR in the courts of Cook County to satisfy his greed and strange selfish desires. This sounds like a cold blooded business man and not a loving and caring Muslim to me. Maybe Imam Mohammed was trying to tell this community of Muslims something when he pointed out publicly among people who love Islam and what is right that Wallace was a GOOD BUSINESS MAN? He didn’t say he was fit to lead this community, he didn’t say he was a faithful Muslim, he said he was a good business man and was doing a wonderful job in BUSINESS. You think about it.

Remember what Imam Mohammed said about the Mosque Cares at the Ramadan session in 06, he said: “…The Mosque Cares is W. D. Mohammed and I have an obligation to look out for my FAMILY , MY CHILDREN so I DO NOT WANT THE MOSQUE CARES TO HAVE EVERYTHING Maybe when I pass the courts will say the property belongs to The Mosque Cares and maybe the people who take over The Mosque Cares may not be our friend. Who knows? They could sneak in, I mean our friend, your friend and my friend. I’m not JUST TALKING ABOUT FAMILY. I’m talking about the community in association with my leadership.”

Imam Mohammed said this (“MAYBE THE PEOPLE WHO TAKE OVER THE MOSQUE CARES MAY NOT BE OUR FRIEND…” HE WENT ON TO SAY: “…I’M NOT JUST TALKING ABOUT FAMILY…” The Imam said this meaning, as I see it, that I AM TALKING ABOUT MEMBERS OF MY FAMILY but don’t focus only on my family, there may be others who will get in on the inside of this organization and work against what I have established. This he said while consciously knowing that he had left Wallace II as the president of the Mosque cares. What was he telling us in this statement? WAKE UP MUSLIMS, WAKE UP AND THINK!!!

So just as Imam Mohammed would say that Wallace D Mohammed Follows Imam W. D. Mohamed he was telling us that there are two concepts of The Mosque Cares. When he said “…The Mosque Cares is W. D. Mohammed…” This concept is the Noble, honest upright man Imam Mohammed who modeled that idea and principle all of his life (like the sun) and the other one was the organization that he established to mimic and reflect his character (like the moon). But in reality after his passing (the sun setting) the organization form dies in its true existence if we or those running this organization fail to keep Imam Mohammed Alive in our/their lives. Significance and purpose (like the moon is only visible from the sun’s rays though it (the moon) may still be there physically).

In the Chancery Court where Wallace is SUING HIS MOTHER as the supervised administrator over his father’s estate, Wallace has his attorney share portions of the transcript from that Ramadan session that supports his contention of a complete take over of all of Imam Mohammed’s intellectual properties, while leaving out significant portions that contradict his claim. Certainly I know, accept and support that Imam Mohammed left Wallace a portion of the WDM Publications BUSINESS and I say a portion of it because whether you know it or not, Imam Mohammed allowed other members in this community to have ownership over certain portions of that business WDM Publications other than Wallace and in at least one instance (and maybe more) the exact same name (WDM Publications)is used to identify this other Muslim’s business. However, this is not enough for Wallace, he insist that HE MUST PERSONALLY OWN, CONTROL AND PROFIT FINANCIALLY FROM EVERYTHING THAT HIS FATHER EVER DID IN LIFE (and not just the business portion that was given to him but the Intellectual properties that were not given to him) TO THE EXCLUSION OF ALL OF THOSE MENTIONED ABOVE AS WELL AS THE MEMBERS OF THIS COMMUNITY AND THE GREATER PUBLIC AT LARGE.

In his rush to grab up everything that he can profit from he has hired a lawyer to go into the Court to sue his family members, the heirs starting with his Mother, Shirley as the supervised administrator of his father’s estate, so that he will gain total control and dominance forever over the life’s work of Imam W. D. Mohammed. No insult or disrespect was too low for him to stoop to, to achieve his goal and the following information is a small sampling of the various filings that he has signed off on basically authorizing his lawyer to slander and malign his father’s good and honorable name all in the name of him getting total control over everything that his father has ever done, all for his (Wallace II) personal self and financial benefit ( The true attributes of a cold narrow sighted businessman and not those of a caring loving Muslim):


So over and over and over Wallace finds no problem in going on the public record and accusing his father of failing to exercise “Due Diligence” or the degree of care and caution required by the circumstances in the handling of his (the Imam’s) Khutbah’s, Taleems and teachings throughout the years. He goes on talking about the Imam’s failures and inactions. HE EVEN GOES SO FAR TO HAVE HIS ATTORNEY ACCUSE IMAM MOHAMMED OF “PREJUDICING HIM (Wallace II) BY HIS (IMAM MOHAMMED’S) LACK OF DILIGENCE. All of this is in an attempt to justify all of his fathers life time work belonging exclusively to him (Wallace II)and no one else, not his mother, not his sisters, not his brother, not his fathers wife Khadijah, not the children of his deceased brother, not this community, he is telling the courts that it ALL BELONGS TO HIM and the reason why there is a problem coming from his family and a few wide awake community members challenging the lies and false claims that he is making in the court to enrich himself, today is because his father “messed up” (my words)everything. He (Wallace II) even goes so far to state that “…THE IMAM ABANDONED ANY AND ALL RIGHTS OF OWNERSHIP OVER THE (Imam Mohammed’s) INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.”

Now have you ever read any of this in the Muslim Journal? Why not? Because they are afraid to make a wave. Have you heard the traveling Minstrel Imams share any of this with you as they go around the country peddling their tapes and entertainment speeches? I think that the Muslim Journal does a rather creditable job on what they focus on but this community is bigger and more important than social issues and other peoples problems. I know that we don’t want to publish sensitive things that put a bad image on this community but that is like an ostrich with his head stuck down in a hole while everyone who has eyes can see his behind sticking up in the public’s face. This is not some secret information, this is on the public record for the world to see, then why not the Muslims, the one’s that it is going to effect most directly?

Most of our Imams are sincere and do well in what they are doing but we have a bigger responsibility to address in this community then parroting back Imam Mohammed’s excellent Khutbahs and speeches without taking into consideration what Imam Mohammed was trying to achieve with these Khutbahs. They must recognize and realize that if we ignore what is fraudulently going on in Chicago and they remain silent (while having information that refutes the lies that are being put forth)they have allowed the goals of Imam Mohammed to become insecure, corrupted and under attack. If this community is to be successful in following the goals and direction that Imam Mohammed set for us, the Journal and the Imams must re-think how to direct their excellent talents and ability to teach the believers. They must take on the courage to keep this community abreast of what is going on that could, if lost sight of, undermine the very foundation of the Muslims staying knowledgeable and informed. Today we must stay up to date on the inner workings of this community If we are to survive and stay on the path and course that Imam Mohammed put us on for our success. The Imams, our newspaper, and trusted members who worked close with Imam W. D. Mohammed are obligated and pledged with their very lives to continue to uphold this sacred legacy so that darkness and confusion will never have a legitimate place in this community. A community promised and raised by Almighty G-d Allah through the heart and soul of one who saw the divinely guided eternal model in Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) on his heart and gave his life to model and emulate that excellence for this community and humanity at large in our modern world today, Imam W. D. Mohammed.

Thank you for reading this, for any questions please email me at: and place in the subject line your concern.
Brother Muhammad Siddeeq